What is a long handled shovel?

long handle shovel

Tools are supposed to make life easier for a gardener. What Can a Long-handled Shovel Do For You? The answer is: a lot. There are many uses for long-handled shovels, and both your yard and back will thank you. What is a long handled shovel? When do you use long-handled shovels? If you’re not sure where to stand in the long or short shovel debate, read on.

What is a long handled shovel?

Shovels are tools for digging and lifting. They use shovels to dig up a flower bed and process compost into the soil. A long handle shovel is a shovel with a long handle up to 122 cm. It usually doesn’t have a metal handle on the tip of the shovel handle.

The easiest way to spot a long-handled shovel is to use a short-handled shovel to align it with a wall. Short-handled shovels are usually heavy, with shorter handles often ending in “D-handles”.

When to use long-handled shovels

But how do you choose long or short handled shovels? When are long-handled shovels best? There are many uses for long-handled shovels in the garden. In fact, many experts think long-handled shovels are better for almost any job. Long-handled shovels are usually lighter. They allow you to stand up straight most of the time and bend over less.

Short-handled shovels were developed for excavation work in confined spaces such as war trenches or coal mines. However, if you are quite small, you may prefer short handle shovels as these are easier to control.

Use for long-handled shovels

Specifically, if you’re wondering when to use long-handled shovels, they’re better for planting trees and digging other holes. Long shovel handles can reach deep into a hole. And you get better leverage that is easy on your back.

Your long-handled shovel is also great for digging compost off a compost heap. It’s also good for moving mulch around.

When you are picking a long-handled shovel, you are opting for something light. Experts say that with long-handled buckets, weight is the most important criterion for ease of use. The lighter the shovel, the easier it will be for you to dig.