Storage ideas for sheds – practical ways to organize your garden building

Will your garden shed become a family garbage dump in the summer months? Then there’s no better time to organize yourself with these shed storage ideas.

To get you started, we’ve rounded up the best shed storage ideas so you can hide your tools, toys, and patio furniture. And when you’re feeling inspired, check out our most popular shed ideas for more design tips and inspiration.

So long, disorder …

1. Choose the right storage shed for you

A shed is a great item that you will have in your yard for many years. So it pays to consider all of the options before buying one. For smaller spaces, choose a sleek design or those with many roofs (good for close positioning next to a fence or wall). Pot scales look attractive and are good for growing some seedlings as well as storing tools.

It’s usually cheaper to buy shed direct from online companies (with no middlemen), but visiting a local supplier allows you to see the shed before you buy – and they may be able to tweak the specifications to better suit your space . For an additional fee, some companies take an old shed down and build a new one.

2. Start small

Storage ideas for shed

First, think about what things you are likely to keep. If all you have to do is put away pillows, toys, or small odds and ends overnight, consider a weatherproof wooden or plastic box. They’re compact – when outdoor space is tight – and come in handy when you need easy access to a patio or deck.

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3. Keep it compact

Storage ideas for shed

If space is limited but you need to store bulkier items – from lawnmowers and garden tools to children’s play equipment and bicycles – opt for a medium-sized solution, e.g. B. a garden cabinet that can be placed on the side of the house or in a backyard.

4. Think big

Storage ideas for shed

A storage shed is the obvious solution if you have a lot of space in your yard. It not only offers storage space for toys and tools, but also provides space for garden furniture out of season.

Make a list of what you want to store so you can determine the size you need and choose an easily accessible location for it, preferably near a path so you don’t have to wander through muddy grass to get there when the garden is is done.

5. Install a work station and a shelf

Storage ideas for shed

A garden shed shouldn’t just be used to store tools. Use your space to create a building in which to indulge in joyful activity.

Head to the shed and do some pottery with a work station for potting plants. A flower pot bench is a must have as it has all of the space and storage you need to keep up with the growing season. Opt for a stylish design in solid oak – the galvanized metal plate and shelf make it a practical choice that ages beautifully.

6. Invest in a multitasker

Ideas for small gardens

Torn between the practical need for a garden shed and the more luxurious desire for a garden shed? Then a multipurpose garden room could be the answer. Look for a lockable storage shed that is perfect for stowing mowers and trowels, whole folding doors create a cozy sun trap in the garden shed. Add a pillow-filled day bed and botanical prints for a comfortable interior.

7. Opt for a sturdy shed for storage

Storage ideas for shed

Is your garden groaning under all the patio furniture you’ve accumulated over the summer? Then a spacious, weatherproof shed could be just the thing for you.

Feng Shui your storage shed and clean up the clutter. Keep the floor space inside and make your tools accessible, but put shelves and add lots of hooks.

8. Double up

Storage ideas for shed

Maximize your storage potential by doubling the scales. Here two sheds – a fairly sturdy shed for storing tools, lawnmowers and garden furniture – and a she-shed for lingering, relaxing and escaping from everyday life. Bliss…

9. Shop for second hand storage

She shed ideas

If perfect organization is not your “look”, don’t be afraid. Some of the most interesting furniture options can be found at junkyards, antique fairs, and even on social media.

Here, a refurbished shelf isn’t just sturdy, stylish and strong – its weathered appearance complements the steel parts beautifully.

10. Combine furniture

Shed storage The National Trust

Are you struggling to find what you need, or even struggling to get in the door? It’s time to reclaim the human cave and make it a more functional space for storage, pot and repair work.

This shed of The National Trust – with practical double doors – throws the set of rules completely out of the window by creating a room full of character and charm through inappropriate furniture, colors and styles.

How do I maximize my shed storage?

The National Trust shed

It cannot be denied that tidying up and clearing our houses gives us a wonderful feeling of inner calm. So why not make your garden spaces completely zen too? Reorganizing how and where you keep things outdoors can create more space for relaxation, entertainment, and plants to grow. But where do you start?

Tidying guru Marie Kondo recommends keeping “like with like”, that is, to keep everything of sorts together, for example bicycles in one place, tools all together. Each category should have named a home.

What you are aiming for is a tidy shed or storage area where frequently used items are accessible and items that are not used as often are kept in hard-to-reach places.

How do I clear out my shed?

Shedding ideas

There is also a difference between pretty and functional storage. For example, shiny garden tools nicely presented on a shed wall add joy, while you don’t want to see unsightly plastic pots.

In addition to purchasing suitable storage, you also need to commit to browsing things. Write a checklist of things you want to categorize and save. Be ruthless – remove everything that is broken, unloved, unused – everything that is basically superfluous. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “you might use it one day”. If you haven’t used that pile of empty plant pots and seed trays in the past two years, you probably never will. Move them for recycling or give them away as gifts.

What shouldn’t you store in a shed?

Not all belongings are suitable for life in the shed. Here are a few things that you should never keep in a garden shed:

  • money
  • Jewellery
  • Important documents (passports, birth certificates, etc.)
  • Flammable substances
  • Food (unless your garden shed is properly insulated for food and drink handling)
  • Musical instruments
  • Rubber tires (these must be in an air-conditioned environment)