Monty Don shares his favorite sunflowers – and tips for growing successfully

Acclaimed gardener Monty Don revealed his favorite sunflower and explained how to make sure the plant grows healthy and big – just days before recommending planting it.

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According to Monty’s blog, mid-May is an ideal time to plant “tender annuals” including sunflowers, which “can be planted in any garden but the coldest, especially if you’ve hardened them for at least a week”. May provides a warmer climate for the seeds to germinate, which happens when the soil reaches around 70 to 85 ° F.

The peak of the planting season is just before the soil reaches this temperature. Before we plant these sunspots, however, let’s take notes on Monty’s favorite sunflower and how to grow it nearly as gorgeous as him.

Monty Don’s favorite sunflower

In an article for Weekend magazine until Daily mail, Monty Don referred to his book Gardening on Longmeadowin which he reveals that his “favorite old sunflower” is a “Russian giant”.

Monty Don’s sunflower growing tip # 1: stake out

Sunflower Tips from Monty Don

Monty admires the Russian giant’s ability to grow “exceptionally tall,” but urges readers to stake it out early so it doesn’t fall to the ground.

“Often times this won’t harm the plants, but they’ll turn around very quickly to find the sun and start growing with a crack on the neck, so they’re permanently bent when they come back up,” adds Monty. Regardless of whether you are investing in a Russian giant or any other sunflower, Monty’s advice remains the same.

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“Planting them is very easy. Sunflowers grow in most soils, they don’t need special treatment, but they do need sunshine, ”shares Monty in a demonstration for BBC Gardeners World.

He goes on and gives an important tip to keep in mind when planting: “The bottom line is not the soil, but it needs to be properly staked out from the start.”

Monty is focused on how we can support our sunflowers so they don’t break when they get bigger. He encourages us not to rely on a stick, especially with giant sunflowers. Instead, he asks us to invest in a “stake”.

“It’s really important to tie it as it grows because it gets big and top heavy. There is a real risk that it will bend and fall, if not break. If you want maximum height, it has to grow as straight as possible, ”he says.

2. Monty Don’s Sunflower Grow Tip # 2: Water and Forage

Sunflower Tips from Monty Don

“Water them – water them once a week, and when you want to get to maximum heights, you can feed them an all-purpose tomato food once a week or every 14 days,” he says.

Monty Don’s Sunflower Grow Tip # 3: Position

Sunflower Tips from Monty Don

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‘Set them about 12-18 inches apart in a sunny spot that’s away from strong winds and water them well. As long as the temperature doesn’t drop below 5 ° C, they should grow vigorously and bloom well into autumn, ”adds Monty on his blog.