Ideas for the cottage garden in the front yard – that leave a nice first impression

Framed by a white, neat picket fence and with an abundance of flowers blowing in the wind, the cottage gardens in the front yard are one of our favorites. As the epitome of charming front yard design, these dreamy, idyllic setups are surprisingly easy to create, making the cottage front yard perfect for beginners.

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“It is part of the ethos of a cottage garden to give it its own personality – there are no rules, just plant what you love to create a garden that you like,” advises gardening expert Leigh Clapp, “whether you have a chocolate box picture or simply pick up elements of the floral country house style in a border, the attraction is popular with both rural and urban dwellers and is suitable for every garden size. ‘

1. Climb roses on the outside of your home to create a romantic facade

Climbing roses direct your gaze upwards and contribute to the harmony between house and garden. Climbing roses are an integral part of the front yard of the cottage garden.

“A climbing rose grown on the wall of your home is often the first garden rose to bloom because of the added warmth the wall provides,” said Richard Austin, manager of David Austin Roses.

Choose fragrant varieties like The Generous Gardener, Paul Noël or Constance Spry to fill your front yard with its romantic scent. And if you let them grow on the walls of the house, the delicate flowers will also fill your rooms with their floral scent when you open the windows.

2. Opt for a rustic stone wall to frame the exterior of your home

Front yard cottage garden ideas

Boundaries are often an overlooked aspect of the garden, yet they are an important part of any design. Go for a landscape-inspired border with a rustic stone wall. With a look reminiscent of the dry stone walls of the English Lake District, a stone wall will add instant British charm to your front yard cottage garden and will complement a cottage planting perfectly.

3. Fill your front yard with beautiful cottage flowers

Front yard cottage garden ideas

Flowers, grasses, and shrubs are the cornerstones of any front yard cottage garden, creating a casual, welcoming atmosphere. “Although cottage gardens look haphazard, you have to think about planning a few things,” advises garden designer Leigh Clapp.

Take into account the size and height of your plants and place larger varieties in the back of the border and then smaller varieties in the front. But don’t be too regulated – after all, the cottage planting should have a natural look.

“A classic cottage garden is filled with pastel shades, roses, thimble and delphinium, to name just a few,” advises Marcus Eyles, horticultural director at Dobbies. “Loved by bees and butterflies, your garden will come to life with the gentle hum and hum.”

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Front yard cottage garden ideas

Adding plants to your front yard can even be good for your health – RHS researchers have also found that having a green front yard can make you happier, more relaxed, and closer to nature. “The data on stress reduction are amazing in that there was such a significant response from a relatively small number of plants. Now we know that having access to a tiny bit of nature has positive effects on our health, ”says RHS Wellbeing Fellow Dr. Lauriane Suyin Chalmin-Pui.

4. Create a path to guide visitors through your front yard

Front yard cottage garden ideas

A pathway is a great way to add structure to your garden, guide visitors to your front door, and at the same time protect grass and flowers from tripping feet.

“There should be harmony between the landscaping and the architecture of the house. It’s important to use materials that fit the overall picture, like weathered brick, flagstone, wood chips, gravel or stepping stones, ”says Leigh Clapp.

When laying, make sure you follow the route you walk most often and avoid sharp corners as these are usually cut off on foot. Create a less regulated look by adding extra meanders and curves.

Front yard cottage garden ideas

5. Paint your front door to complement your cottage’s front yard

Front yard cottage garden ideas

Your front door is the most viewed part of your home and makes an important first impression that also raises expectations for the interior. It is therefore important that it always looks good and fits seamlessly into your cottage garden concept.

Paint is a powerful tool and it allows you to completely change the look of your home with relatively little effort and with little effort. Over the course of a weekend, you can breathe new life into the most-viewed part of your home.

“If you’re struggling to pick a shade, green works well outdoors. It’s a really pleasant color to use outdoors as we are surrounded by green in our natural environment. ‘Ho Ho Green’ goes very well with warm red brick tones. ‘ says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene.

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6. Add a porch to create an eye catcher in your front yard

Front yard cottage garden ideas

“If your property doesn’t have a strong entrance, consider adding a small extension to the front that can serve as an enclosed porch or even a mini-parlor, while also providing a major focal point.” says Melanie Griffiths’ editor of Period life.

Oak exudes natural character and warmth and is the perfect choice for adding a porch to a front yard. One of the strongest building materials, some medieval oak buildings still stand today. Plus, its charm and beauty increases with age and weathering, so overtime will fit seamlessly into your front yard scheme.

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7. Design your front path with lightbulbs

Front yard cottage garden ideas

‘What should I plant on my front sidewalk?’ Is one of the first questions that arises when designing a front yard for a cottage garden – and the answer is yes, but the sidewalk plants need to be durable and eye-catching at the same time.

Light bulbs are a good choice. To fill the garden with color and character before everything else gets going, planting bulbs on your front walkway is a great idea.

As seen in this cute cottage garden front yard, daffodils look stunning as they snake along the paved walkway – the secret, however, is that it’s actually quite simple. Simply plant in autumn and leave the rest to nature.

Front yard cottage garden ideas

If you want to take the planting of your front walkway to the next level, consider using different bulbs to map the seasons along your front walkway. Starting with snowdrops for the end of winter, then crocuses to daffodils and tulips – layering onions (also known as onion lasagna) results in a range of stunning flowers for minimal maintenance.

8. Channel the typical front yard of the cottage garden with a white picket fence

Front yard cottage garden ideas

A beautiful white picket fence is an integral part of the cottage garden’s front yard – with an abundance of brightly colored hollyhock blooms and sprawling red roses, it creates a postcard front yard cottage look for this 17th century country house.

9. Add a flower box in the front yard even in the smallest cottage garden

Front yard cottage garden ideas

If you are wondering “What can I do with a small front yard” then the front yard cottage garden ideas are perfect. Even if you don’t have a large front yard, a planter can help you create a cottage scheme with beautiful blooms. A great way to add curb appeal to the exterior of your home, flower boxes, potted plants, and hanging baskets will grab attention and can create an uplifting presentation.

Planters made of metal or zinc are the perfect foil for flowers, while a wooden flower box fits naturally into the interior of the house and garden. When choosing a painted or colored planter, choose a neutral shade that puts the flowers in the spotlight.

Front yard cottage garden ideas

When designing your window box, follow the ‘Thriller, player, pen’ technique to create a show stop ad.

Also think about how your display will react to the different seasons. “If you ring in the seasonal changes, you can enjoy an ever-changing outdoor display of potted plants throughout the year. Either pot the old plants in new displays or plant them in the garden, ”advises Isabelle Palmer of The Balcony Gardener, expert in container gardening and author of Modern container gardening.

Be sure to incorporate plenty of hanging plants (or spillers) to give your container a relaxed, natural look – lobelia, variegated ivy, and hanging geraniums all add a cottage feel to it.

10. Create a cottage garden protection area in the front yard with a garden gate

Front yard cottage garden ideas

Practical additions to your home can also be beautiful. A garden gate not only provides protection (and keeps the dog in the garden), it also adds an extra level of cottage charm to your front yard. Opting for a rustic wood or intricate metal design will complement the country style of your front yard.

If you paint your gate and your front door in the same color, you also create harmony between the two entrances to your house. We love this calming shade of sage, which perfectly complements the lighter green of the hedges and plants and reflects the warmth of the gravel path.