Garden Tool Organization – Ways To Organize Garden Tools

Garden Tool Organization – Ways To Organize Garden Tools

Sometimes garden tools end up abandoned in the place they were last used and are not seen again for a long time. Organizing your garden tools makes it easier to store and find them, while preventing them from rusting or being damaged by the elements.

There are many ways to organize your garden tools, from store-bought storage to homemade garden tool organization projects. The following article has some ideas on how to organize garden tools.

Why Organize Your Garden Tools?

I’m sure you’ve never used a gardening tool and forgotten it after a project, but I have. Unfortunately, sometimes the misplaced tool isn’t found until the next gardening season when it’s been sitting in the snow and rain and looks pretty beat up.

Organizing your gardening tools allows you to keep track of them and keep them in perfect condition. In addition, a dedicated space for organizing gardening tools will prevent you from tripping over tools that are stacked or leaning in all directions.

Ways to Organize Garden Tools

There are many ways to organize your garden tools. You can buy a potting bench with shelves and/or drawers or even build one yourself if you’re a DIYer.

There are many options for organizing garden tools, from different types of wall hooks to corner tool holders, or, again, you can go DIY and create something to organize your garden tools from recycled or inexpensive items.

The internet and home improvement stores are full of garden tool organization options, but if you’re feeling creative or want to save money, a DIY project is for you. You don’t even have to be creative to create a garden tool organization space. Some things you have around the house can serve as garden tool storage.

For example, if you have a jarred spice rack that you never use, try reusing it for small items like nails, screws, zip ties, or seeds. If you have a belt or pants hanger that you no longer use, use it with a few small clips to hang open seed packets or dried herbs and flowers.

Additional Garden Tool Organization Ideas

If you have an old recipe box, use it for seed packets. Do you have a broken rake? Hang the handle of the rake on the wall of a garage or shed and then use the tines to hang other garden tools or to dry flowers, herbs and even bulbs.

Hang a bucket on the wall to hold your garden hose. The inside of the bucket provides a handy place to store hose accessories.

Use a mailbox to store small garden tools, or cut the legs off an old pair of jeans and tie them around a regular 5-gallon bucket – voila, you’ll have plenty of pockets to store small garden tools in, and the inside of the bucket can be used for weeding or dividing plants.

Small garden tools can be stored in a shower pan or an old milk carrier. Use a bucket or container filled with sand to store small garden tools. This keeps them available, sharp, and rust-free.

Finally, when it comes to hanging larger gardening utensils, such as various shovels and rakes, in the garage or shed, there are many options to purchase. That said, you can create your own with some wood and PVC pipe or dozens of other methods.

However you decide to hang your gardening tools for storage, it helps to draw the shape of the tool on the wall. That way, you’ll know exactly what size tool fits where, and it will help you determine what might be missing and still hidden somewhere in the garden.