32 Awesome DIY backyard concrete projects that are easy to make

DIY Concrete Backyard Projects

Concrete has long been more than a building material. Today, it has become a major supply for works of art, and the best part is that it can be used even by an amateur.

The benefits of concrete are many. It is a very cheap material, it can be easily found in stores, it dries relatively quickly, it is suitable for a variety of decorative and functional crafts – from spring stones to flower pots, benches, poles and many more.

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Its gray color is not dull. On the contrary – it makes it universal and suitable for any interior or exterior. Check out the interesting collection of concrete crafts you can easily make yourself this coming weekend.

$ 5 DIY Concrete Stand

$ 5 DIY Concrete Plant Foot #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

A concrete stool that will be the perfect summer addition to the porch decoration. For the sum of only $ 5 you have a stylish flower stand or a minimalist side table.

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Cobbled path

Cobbled path #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

The wood makes the garden more attractive as they outline its end or form a path through green areas. Today, concrete stepping stones are very easy to make at home using molds.

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Concrete light motif with Mandala Design

Concrete light motif with Mandala Design #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

Making these beautiful candlesticks may seem very difficult, but the end result justifies the effort. Use plastic bottles as molds to pour the concrete in, and place a small cup in the center to form the nest for the light.

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Concrete door stop backyard DIY

Concrete door stops backyard DIY #diy #concrete #backyard #decorhomeideas

Door plugs are usually made of fabric filled with sand. However, there is a better and more robust design of a plug that is perfect for outdoor exposure.

Edging of concrete landscape

Concrete landscape edge #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

Concrete is the best material when it comes to robust and permanent garden decoration. Aside from using it to make stepping stones, it is great for landscaping blocks.

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Adapted initial concrete plants DIY project

Custom initial concrete plants DIY project #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

Planters can be more than just a container. They can be a great addition to the decor with a personal touch. The sides of the frame stand are covered with concrete coatings. Paint it in dark color to let the wood monogram appear.

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Sweet concrete planters

Cute concrete planters #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

Succulents are among the favorite green indoor and outdoor plants. Their beauty usually needs a little encouragement, and this can be done with small sweet cencrete plants.

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Decorative concrete garden step stone

Decorative concrete garden step stone #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

The first idea with this craft has been to make a round textured tray. The bug has changed the final use of the concrete form and it has been decided to be used as a beautiful springboard.

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DIY backyard concrete fire pit

DIY backyard concrete fire hole #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

Fire holes are a nice outdoor feature. They naturally attract the gathering of people and conversations under the starry sky. The concrete allows you to create the shape and structure of a function as if it were built by professionals.

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DIY Chevron-inspired concrete garden bench

DIY Chevron Inspired Concrete Garden Bench #diy #concrete #backyard #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a garden bench that costs you less than $ 30 and will last for years, go for a concrete bench. You can lay a layer of mosaics such as faux jewels, faux sea glass, etc. to beautify its top surface.

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DIY concrete drink cooler

DIY Concrete Drink Cooler # DIY # Concrete # Backyard # Decor Home Ideas

Summer days on the porch will be better if the drinks cool well. If you have not thought of a way to keep them cold, this DIY concrete cooler will satisfy your requirements.

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DIY Concrete Candlestick

DIY Concrete Candlestick # DIY # Concrete # Backyard # Decor Home Ideas

Concrete is the perfect material for functions that are somehow heated. Therefore, it can be used to make candlesticks. The options regarding the nest, shape and size depend on the molds you need.

DIY concrete face garden sculpture

DIY Concrete Face Garden Sculpture #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

This garden sculpture seems to be hard work, but the author has given very detailed instructions and thoughtful tips that will fascinate the process and awaken the artist in you. The face can be attached to a tree or added to a rock garden.

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DIY concrete garden balls

DIY Concrete Garden Balls #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

These concrete balls are perfect for garden decoration or for edging. They are easily made by pouring concrete in spherical shape. The special spheres have been cured in light glass spheres. Make sure they are not expensive as you will need to break the glass to get out of the cement ball.

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DIY Concrete Have Globe

DIY Concrete Garden Globe #diy #concrete #backyard #decorhomeideas

The manufacture of any concrete article requires that concrete be poured into a mold that provides the mold. Globus is perfect for it as it can be easily divided into two halves after the concrete has hardened. Install a fountain pump in it and enjoy your stylish water feature.

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DIY concrete garden house numbers

DIY Concrete Garden House number # DIY # Concrete # Backyard # Decor home ideas

Large numbers and initials have become very trendy lately. Usually they are made of wood, but we challenge you to try concrete. Concrete looks just as impressive, plus it is far more durable and stable.

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DIY Concrete Plants

DIY Concrete Plants #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

Wondering how this beauty came to be? We tell you the secret – you need an old towel and concrete to achieve this attractive shape of a planter.

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DIY concrete vases

DIY concrete vases #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

Concrete vases will look very stylish in a minimalist furnished home. Since they are very easy to make, you can try different sizes and shapes and make a unique collection.

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DIY embossed stepping stones

DIY embossed stepping stones #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

This is another idea for stepping on concrete stones. The beautiful flowers have been embodied by a piece from a rubber doormat. You can make an even bigger springboard if you cut a larger piece from the mat.

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DIY large concrete planters

DIY large concrete planters # DIY # Concrete # Backyard # Decor home ideas

If you are looking for a larger planter for your boxwood or leafy plants, make yourself as many as you need from concrete and PVC pipes. The tubes are available in different diameters and are perfect for plant shapes due to their fabricated hollow section.

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DIY string light coils with concrete bases

DIY String Light Poles With Concrete Bases #diy #concrete #backyard #decorhomeideas

Whether it is for poles, racks, pergolas, concrete is a good material to build bases from or straighten them with. When adding a fixture to an already finished area from your porch or backyard, it is best to make additional bases than risk damaging the surface.

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Lightly poured concrete bowls

Lightly poured concrete bowls #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

These concrete plantations look like a decoration for a royal estate. Fortunately, they are very affordable and easy to make. Collect different bowls in different sizes and shapes and pour in the concrete.

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How to make concrete planters

How to make concrete planters #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

These interesting plants can be executed within a weekend with materials you already have at home. The secret to getting small and displaced people from the center remains is to insert small cups into a bucket filled with concrete. Let the concrete dry and enjoy the designer decoration made entirely by yourself!

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How to make stepping stones – with a cake pan

How to make stepping stones - with a cake pan #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

The tree with mosaics plays magically with the sun’s rays. Make them using a flat shape like a tray on which various pieces of crushed china or sea glass are spread. Apply a layer of concrete and let it dry.

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Leaf printed concrete steps

Leaf Imprinted Concrete Stepping Stones #diy #concrete #backyard #decorhomeideas

If you like the nature motifs, you can make yourself a springboard in the shape of a leaf or press it on a concrete surface. It is an easy project but will have a huge impact on your home landscaping.

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Modern asphalt plants

Modern asphalt plants #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

Making this smart plant requires no special skills or materials, even though it looks quite difficult. Assemble a wooden frame and cover the sides with concrete laying machines.

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Pumpkin Concrete Garden Globe

Pumpkin Concrete Garden Globe #diy #concrete #backyard #decorhomeideas

When the concrete hardens, it has the shape of the container it is poured into. Pump art can be difficult to use as molds, so there is an idea of ​​how to easily mimic their shape and make yourself a unique autumn decoration.

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Rustic DIY Concrete Garden Bench

Rustic DIY Concrete Garden Bench #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

This bench is a combination of the conventional and minimalist design concept. If you are a person who likes balance in all aspects, you would love the modern but comfortable outdoor furniture.

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Table top Concrete Fire bowl

Table top Concrete Fire bowl #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

When you do not have room to make a large firebox, you can still enjoy the heat of the flame if you make yourself a small representation. You will need two balls such as mold, concrete, gravel, decorative fireproof rocks and canned gel fuel.

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Unique DIY Flower Window Stand

Unique DIY flower window stand #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

Any texture or shape you like can be pasted on a concrete surface, and that’s the biggest thing about concrete craftsmanship. A simple rubber doormat can only put a unique footprint on an inflorescence by simply pushing it on a block of wet concrete surface.

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X-Brace side table with concrete slab

X-Brace side table with concrete slab #diy #concrete # backyard #decorhomeideas

Concrete slabs are a functional outdoor solution because they last regardless of the atmospheric conditions. If you want to copy the design of this table, you can follow the free instructions at the link below. It can be used as a side table, as an inflorescence or as a coffee table.

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