30 easy DIY rain chain ideas to add more visual appeal to your outdoor space

Are you tired of your ugly gutter outlet?

Replace it with a rain chain – these vertical works of art carry water from the gutter to a drainage area, all the while increasing the attraction of your home.

DIY rain chains are easy to make and require no special skills or tools. The most important thing that any idea about the rain chain needs to work smoothly is rainwater, and in most places it is something of a natural occurrence.


Create a custom design that complements your style with these easy DIY rain chain ideas.

Ceramic rain chain

Ceramic rain chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

With its earthy color palette and variation in texture, this polished stone rain chain blends into a natural outdoor setting.

If you are an artist, you can throw your own ceramic sections.

Alternatively, you can find a selection of ceramic pieces and drill a hole through the center of each one. When placed at the gutter, the water will cascade beautifully over the smooth material.

via Prairie Break

Copper rain chain Succulent plants

Copper Rain Chain Succulent plants #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Transform a set of small hanging plants into a sustainable succulent garden with this smart rain chain.

When it rains, the water moves through each bucket and waters the plants automatically.

Since succulents require minimal water, this is a good option for areas with minimal rainfall.

via Thirty-two designs

Copper vortex rain chain

Copper vortex rain chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Do you have a set of pliers and a pair of copper wire reels?

Spend a few hours bending the cord into artistic vortices.

Connect them together in a vertical column and you have a shiny rain with high gloss that looks good in rain or shine.

DIY Cookie Cutter Rain Chain

DIY Cookie Cutter Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

It does not get much easier than this DIY rain chain – all you need are a few chain links and some metal cookie cutters.

Together they create a cute decoration for your home.

Make the most of your rainfall by placing the end of the chain in a potted plant.

DIY copper ring rain chain

DIY copper ring rain chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

When it rains, this copper rain chain turns into a beautiful, artistic waterfall. It’s a breeze to make; just connect the metal rings until you reach the correct length.

When the sun is shining, the warm toned surface shines beautifully.

via Instructions

DIY Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain

DIY Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a fast, cheap DIY rain chain?

Buy a pack of neon zippers and you have all the supplies you need. Just create loops with the ribbons for a fun, colorful result.

To reduce splashes, switch large and small loops – probably the easiest decorative rain chain in our range.

via Dollar Store Crafts

DIY Ombre Terra Cotta Rain Chain

DIY Ombre Terra Cotta Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Show your love of gardening with this cute terracotta rain chain.

It is made with small pots that you can find in any craft store. Paint your pots in an ombre gradient to add some personality; You can also use a rainbow of colors or leave the pots bare.

Iron the pots on a chain for an irresistibly sweet result.

via Design sponge

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DIY Terra Cotta Pot Rain Chain

DIY Terra Cotta Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Here’s another variation on the terracotta rain chain – this time using a simple whitewashed finish for a rustic-chic vibe.

We love how the decorative chain ends up in a bowl of polished stones; it adds a Zen garden feel to the front porch.

via All things heart and home

DIY Wire And Stone Rain Chain

DIY Wire And Stone Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Embrace the natural beauty of river cliffs with this amazing DIY rain chain.

It looks like a piece you might buy in an art shop, but you can make it at home with a spool of thread, pliers and a selection of clippers.

This project provides lots of flexibility; you can choose stones of any size and get creative with the links to a custom look.

via Dollar Store Crafts

Front Door Driftwood Garland

Front Door Driftwood Garland #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

If your home has a coastal-inspired exterior, enhance the style with a driftwood rain chain.

You can pick up the tree for free on the beach – aim for smaller pieces that are about the same size.

Drill a hole through the center of each and string it on a wire to create a fresh, natural chain.

via By Farm

Galvanized forest rain chain

Galvanized Bucket Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

There is something magical about galvanized metal, especially when it comes in the form of small buckets.

These cute buckets turn a fun rain chain into a farmhouse or a cottage; the shiny surface reflects the sun, and the vintage styling adds a country-inspired twist.

via Curly

Lantern Rain Chain

Lantern Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Bring a bit of structure to your rain chain by making it out of metal lights.

The sharp edges and defined shape look great, especially in an outdoor area with lots of organic shapes and wild plants.

Flip the lantern to make sure the water is running efficiently.

Large Art Glass Rock Rain Chain

Large Art Glass Rock Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a rain chain with a little glamor and sparkle?

Make one out of artificial glass. These large, transparent rocks have colorful, versatile surfaces that reflect sunlight and illuminate your home.

In addition, they look spectacular, regardless of the weather.

Mosaic rain chain

Mosaic rain chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

If you love the look of glass mosaic pieces, this DIY rain chain is the perfect fit. Every little bucket on the chain is covered in miniature panes of colored glass that shine in the sunlight.

As water flows out of the gutter, each bucket fills up and cascades down the chain to the next.

via Bits and Pieces

Ocean Surf Rain Chain

Ocean Surf Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

This rain chain is artistic and boho-chic and is made with beautifully colored glass.

Make your own with glass beads and colorful substrates; You can also purchase this model for a quick home update.

The small glass beads between the large squares give the water a nice, contained way to move from the gutter to the ground.

Pine Cone Rain Chain

Pine Cone Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Maintain the natural, earthy feel of your garden with this beautiful pinecone rain chain.

This chain is made of items you can collect from a nearby forest, and is affordable and environmentally friendly.

Each pinecone is connected by a simple metal loop that you can make yourself with a few twists.

Plastic Cup Rain Chain

Plastic Cup Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Have you ever seen the affordable plastic cups that appear in department stores every summer?

Buy five or six of them and turn them into a rain chain.

Larger cups are ideal for areas with high rainfall levels, while smaller cups create a sweet, charming effect.

via Dollar Store Crafts

Rain Chain Downspouts Reclaimed Bamboo

Rain Chain Downspouts Reclaimed Bamboo #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

If you are proud of a sustainable home, this recycled bamboo rain chain can help.

The wood sections are hollow so that water flows freely into the container below.

You can use the collected rainwater to water your plants and reduce your supply bills.

DIY rain chain – hooks for shower curtains

DIY Rain Chain - Shower Curtain Hooks #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Make use of the old hooks you have around the house by turning them into a rain chain.

The trick is to connect them with wire lengths; this prevents hooks from disassembling after heavy rain.

via Greneaux gardens

Recycled soda bottles Rain chains

Recycled soda bottles Rain chains #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Get your kids on the rain chain with this project that uses recycled soda bottles and toothbrush holders.

It’s a great way to add color and whimsy to the front of your house – place the chain near your garden bed to keep your plants in great shape.

via Hometalk

Repurposed Fregter Rain Chain

Repurposed Fregter Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Made with a variety of tiny metal funnels and a delicate set of metal connections, this beautiful DIY rain chain is like jewelry for the exterior of your home.

To get a sophisticated look, choose a chain and funnels of the same color.

via Mother Earth lives

Repurposed Key Rain Chain

Repurposed Key Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

If you are like many people, you have stacks of old keys stacked in a drawer.

Do not throw them out – string them on a metal chain to create a rainwater distribution system.

When you arrange the keys in clusters, they provide plenty of surface area so that water can flow freely.

Repurposed Metal Spoon Rain Chain

Repurposed Metal Spoon Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

This creative rain chain is made of an unlikely material: old metal spoons.

Gather a bunch of vintage spoons at a thrift store, and bend the bowls out at a right angle to catch the water.

When arranged in a long line, the spoons look like a vine with rounded leaves.

via Birds and flowers

DIY pie-shaped rain chain

DIY Pie-shaped rain chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Do you have pie tins that have never been used?

Free up space in your kitchen cabinets by turning them into a beautiful rain chain. Here, oversized glass beads separate the cans and add a splash of color.

via Wings Of Whimsy

Upcycled copper and brass rain chain

Upcycled copper and brass rain chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Next time you are at a real estate sale, a thrift store or an antique shop, keep an eye out for small copper and brass items.

Cups, bells, candlesticks, miniature plants and saucers are a great place to start. The different shapes and finishes create a fun, vintage atmosphere. They give your rain chain project more texture and flair.

via Bea That As It Mae

Upcycled glass bottle top rain chain

Upcycled glass bottle Top rain chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Glass bottles (wine bottles) are beautiful and colorful – they are perfect for a rain chain.

Cut off the top of the bottles and string them on a chain with the mouth down.

When the water fills each one, it creates a brilliant set of miniature waterfalls.

Upcycled Yogurt Cup Rain Chain

Upcycled Yogurt Cup Rain Chain #diyrainchain #rainchain #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a fast, cheap rain chain? Start saving your yogurt cups.

They have plenty of water so they can handle frequent rains. Make small holes in the bottom of each cup for the most effective drainage.

Like the rest of the DIY rain chains in this selection, it’s really easy to make and add to your downspout.

via Childhood list

Repurposed Candle Holder Rain Chains

Made with adorable perforated candlesticks, this rain chain is a stylish addition to your home.

The only power tool you need to complete the project is a drill to make a hole in the bottom of each holder; it makes room for the center chain.

Upcycled teapot rain chain

Embrace classic cottage style with this adorable tea-inspired rain chain. It uses a vintage teapot and a set of teacups glued to saucers.

When it rains, the clever layout creates the impression that the teapot pours the water into the cups.

All of these DIY rain chains can turn your boring downspout into an accent and add some drama to your outdoor space.