30 best round fire pit ideas for memorable summer nights

Have you ever wondered what are the irreplaceable elements in the backyard? There are some who have the natural ability to attract gatherings of people and add uniqueness to the outdoors.

The one we are going to talk about today creates an atmosphere of coziness, romance, harmony and evokes thoughts of evenings with our family and guests. This is an outdoor accent that does not go unnoticed. This is the firepit.

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The round fire comb adorns the garden and gives it a unique charm that we can enjoy in the long cool nights from early summer to late autumn.

An open fireplace combined with a living area successfully replaces the living room inside the house on summer days, so be sure to go through our ideas and find the best fireplace idea to suit your taste and backyard.

Backyard barbecue area for entertainment

Backyard BBQ area for entertainment #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

The whole outdoor relaxing area is designed in a modern spirit with mainly stones. Stone is a suitable material for a fireplace as it is resistant to high temperatures and is easy to clean.

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Backyard fire hole

Baghave brandhul #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

If there is an area from your backyard covered with gravel or sand, it is perfect to build your firebox. If you need to install an extra bowl of stone or ceramic to hold the tree trunks, the surrounding stone structure may be clearer and lower.

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Beautiful and cozy firebox

Beautiful and cozy fire pit #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

Creating a fire feature does not have to be complicated. A stone fire box will add a unique cozy touch to your garden.

Comfort and warmth overlooking a lake

Comfort and warmth overlooking a lake #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

When choosing the place for your fireplace, do not forget to take into account its location – choose the part from your backyard that reveals the most attractive and appealing view.

Crescent-shaped Firepit

Crescent-shaped fireplace #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

The fireplace can be surrounded by sitting and garden areas in a cascade performance for maximum comfort and beauty. The crescent shape of the surrounding stone structure provides a wide entrance to the fire chamber.

A fire hole with an island feel

A fire hole with an island feel #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

A fireplace in the ground becomes the most appealing gathering place from the garden. The fire will illuminate and heat the comfortable living area.

Fire Pit in the lush forest

Fire Pit in the lush forest #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

The fireplace is placed over a gravel-covered area from the backyard. As the fireplace stays above ground, the furniture is around at the appropriate height to enjoy the romantic lighting.

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Firepit along with a beautiful garden wall

Firepit along with a beautiful garden wall #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

Area the fireplace with a beautiful wall with the same structure. The wall acts as a partition between the planted zone and the collection zone.

Garden path leading to a fire pit

Garden path leading to a fire hole #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

A beautiful paved path shows the direction to the fireplace. It is edged by gardens on both sides and a sitting area above the ground made of stone that matches the structure of the fire pit.

Wooden benches surrounding a fireplace

Log benches around a fire pit #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

A campfire on the ground is an affordable and stylish garden feature. Differentiate the area with stones fastened with concrete and add low furniture like beamed benches to enjoy the flames in the cool nights.

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Modern Fire Pit Idea

Modern Fire Pit Idea #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

A fireplace for stone bowl is versatile and functional. Together with a concrete living area covered with decking, the gathering hooks give a modern finish to the backyard.

Orange Glowing Round Firepit Area Idea

Orange glowing round fireplace Idea #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

Surround your nook with a green garden oasis. Add comfortable cushions at the sitting area to eliminate the cool feel of the stone.

Pit with pillow in a pool

Pit with pillow in a pool #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

This is a dreamy summer oasis – a pool to cool off the hot temperatures and a built-in fireplace to warm up at night. Although these two features are antipodes, they can actually work very well together.

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A raised hole in a brick garden

A raised hole in a brick garden #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

Fire holes above the ground can fit well into any time outdoors. Wrought iron garden benches look comfortable and sophisticated around the fireplace.

A relaxing place near a garden pond

A relaxing place near a garden pond #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

If you have a water feature in your backyard, you can consider placing your firebox next to it for an ultimate outdoor experience.

A rustic fire overlooking the lake

A rustic fire overlooking the lake #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

The metal bowl in the middle of the fireplace gives the differentiated outdoor area a rustic feel. Upcycled furniture such as rocking chairs and a small side table will make the place more romantic and appealing.

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Sandstone Patio Firepit

Sandstone Patio Firepit #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

Sandstone is an excellent choice for fireboxes due to its natural beauty and durability. Place comfortable armchairs around the fireplace.

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Stone walkway leads to a beautiful pit

Stone path leading to a beautiful pit #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

This is one of the easiest fireplaces you can make yourself. Cover an area with stones and fill the gaps between them with sand. Firepit can be dug into the ground in the middle of the differentiated area. Make a walkway for the fire function with the same rocks.

A stone grill pit for your backyard

A stone grill pit for your backyard #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

This is a fireplace idea on a budget and for any kind of garden as its size may vary. Sketch the contour with stone stones. Cover the surface of the formed circle with gravel. Build a firebox with stone in the middle.

Stone path with a Firepit Center

Stone path with a Firepit Center #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

Add a little zen to your backyard atmosphere with a metal fire bowl on the sandy ground. Trace the hook with tiles to get a complete and sophisticated look of the area.

via Erin Lanigan

A stone patio for backyard entertainment

A stone patio for backyard entertainment #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

Enjoy your gardening while sitting in your handmade firebox. The surface is covered with stones with the pea stone around them. Add a metal shelf in the middle and some chairs to enjoy freshly grilled hot dogs.

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Stone pit with a rainbow of chairs

Stone pit with a rainbow of chairs #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

This image is an example of an inspiring DIY fireplace. Place marble chips or peas over the dedicated area. Build a circular brick structure around a metal bowl in the center of the gravel area. To get a lighter mood, arrange plastic chairs around in the colors of the rainbow.

via Lori McDonough

A sunken concrete cave with comfortable seating

A sunken concrete cave with comfortable seating #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

This modern design of a fireplace is a guarantee of many long nights out in the sky. The concrete is a source of natural cooling, so it is a smart decision to place cushions on top of the dedicated seating area.

Sunset by the fire

Sunset by the fire #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

When you like designs that are simpler but provide the same amount of coziness and comfort as the designer’s idea, choose a fireplace in the ground. Surround the fire with large rocks and the area with gravel. Use garden furniture to sit and enjoy the playful flames.

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Swinging at the edge of the Firepit

Swinging at the Edge of the Firepit #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

This firepit idea is for the artistic types of people who will appreciate the mosaic look of the brick. The fire function is part of the terrace’s entertainment functions.

Wooden bench plants with closed fireplace

Wooden bench plants with an enclosed fireplace #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

This is another idea for a modern and multifunctional firebox. The fireplace is surrounded by semicircular wooden structures for sitting. The top of each semicircle is open to plant seasonal plants and flowers.

Wooden seats around a stone cave

Wooden seats around a rock Firepit #diy #round #firepit #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a rustic brandpit inspiration, you will probably want this aesthetic example. The fireplace is covered with river stones, the fireplace is built with tiles. Antique wooden chairs make the hook look like it has been there for ages.