27 Great Ideas for Storing Storage for Your Garden

An outdoor storage shed is an easy way to increase the value of your home.

It frees up space in the house and garage, all the while adding extra space for garden tools, bikes or seasonal decor.

These unique ideas for storage space prove that outdoor structures can be functional and attractive.

A comfortable patio with large doors

When you have a small garden, it means every foot outdoor areas.

A shed that sits flush with an exterior wall or fence is the ideal solution – it adds storage without getting in the way of seating or play areas.

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A nice little storage space with cupboards

A nice little storage room with cupboards # shed # garden # decoration house ideas

Who says storage sheds should be utilitarian?

This beautiful little shed has colorful paint, craft accents and a practical set of shelves and cabinets for organized storage.

There is even a small work area that you can use as a pot table.

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A greenhouse storage shed for your garden

A greenhouse storage room for your garden #shower #garden #decorationhouse ideas

If you want to exercise your green thumb all year round, a garden shed with a built-in greenhouse is a space-saving option.

The closed side contains all your supplies, and the glass-walled side provides plenty of sunlight for your growing plants.

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A hidden storage space for smaller items

A hidden storage space for smaller items # shed # garden # decoration home

Do your kids’ bikes ever mess up your garden?

A small hiding place keeps them away. To access a bike, just pull the slide.

Many models come with locks for extra protection between rides.

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A large, stable-like storage shed

A large, barn-like storage shed #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

If you have a large outdoor space, an excessive shed offers ample storage.

Choose a sliding door and steps, or use a roll-in door for easy use with moving lawn mowers, snow blowers, bicycles, ATVs and other large items.

Customize the interior with shelves, cabinets, ceilings or wall hangers to organize your equipment.

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A multifunctional space for your backyard

A multifunctional space for your backyard #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

Small back cabins are a fun, multifunctional way to make your backyard more useful.

The choices are endless – use your shed for storage, add a desk to create a quiet office, or turn it into a small extra bedroom for guests.

If you have children, you can use half of the shed for storage and turn the other half into a safe outdoor playhouse.

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An extra storage room with shaking doors

An extra storage space with shaking doors #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

This smart outdoor storage shed looks like it is part of the house; the trick is to use matching siding and roofing materials. Instead of traditional doors, this model has beautiful shutters for protection and ventilation.

Add a lock so you have a convenient place for tools, cleaning supplies and more.

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An additional storage unit for your home

An extra storage device for your home #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

If you have an older home, it is not always possible to find matching siding for an additional shed.

This creative shed solves this problem by choosing siding and paint in the same color as the house.

As a result, it blends perfectly into an elegant look.

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A raised plant with concealed storage

A raised planter with concealed storage #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

Do you have a small outdoor area?

Instead of a traditional shed, try a low-slung model that also acts as a planter.

Push bikes and trash cans downstairs, and use the top bed to grow flowers or greenery.

It is neat and attractive so it increases the appeal of your home.

A raised storage room in the yard

A raised storage space in the yard #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

When living in a climate with significant rainfall, a raised storage space is a must.

This model sits a few inches away from the ground so moisture cannot reach the floor.

We love the slats, which allow condensation to dry quickly.

A small black and tan storage unit

A small black and tan storage unit #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

Mixed materials are a fun way to combine old-fashioned and modern styles.

This shed uses a variety of colors and elements, including hardwood siding, plastic planks and vertical panel doors; the bold color contrast brings an exclusive modern look to your backyard.

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A small wooden cabinet for garden products

A small wooden cabinet for garden products #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

Make the most of a narrow strip of unused soil with a long, thin storage shed. It’s the perfect size to roll on your bike – with doors on two sides you can just walk straight through.

A storage shed made of recycled doors

A storage shed made from recycled doors #shower #garden #decorationhouse ideas

Reduce costs and reduce waste by transforming old doors into a beautiful shed. To get an overall look, choose identical doors painted in the same color.

If you prefer a boho-chic vibe, use non-matching doors.

A simple wooden roof keeps rain from your tools and supplies.

A storage space designed under the terrace

A storage space designed under the patio #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

The space under a raised deck or patio is often unused.

By adding walls, you can turn this often ignored area into a large storage space.

Cover it with matching siding, or paint it to match the exterior of your home.

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A small house for your garden tools

A little house for your garden tool #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

If you love recycling old items, this beautiful little shed is a fun project. It is made of four old doors and a set of hinged windows for a roof.

By using a glass panel door for the front, you can quickly identify the tools inside.

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A whimsical, cabin-like shed for storing glass doors

A whimsical, cabin-like, glass-door storage shed # shed # garden # decoration house

This whimsical shed uses large doors to create extra storage space.

Add wooden hangers to the inside sides; they support shelves and all your gardening.

If you are a serious gardener, add a pot table to the right size.

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A wooden shed with lots of space

A wooden shed with lots of space #shower #garden #decoration house

The rustic-modern shed is beautiful and functional – with its mixed wood colors and corrugated cardboard roof, it looks spectacular in your backyard.

The open openings under the roof create constant airflow, so you do not have to worry about mold or mildew.

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A tree small ideas for storage space

A tree-small storage shed ideas #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

This little shed adds plenty of storage without taking up much space in your garden.

The trick is to use a base that is low and wide.

Since the shed is not very deep, it is a breeze to reach the items on the back of each shelf.

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A wooden storage cabinet with shelves

A wooden storage cabinet with shelves # shed # garden # decoration house ideas

Keep your garden items or extra household items in order with a storage shed that comes with a variety of shelves.

Adjustable models are ideal; they allow you to configure the interior to fit your belongings.

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Covered two-door bike and trash-friendly storage unit

Covered two-door bike and trash-friendly storage unit #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

For many homeowners, bicycles and trash cans serve as an eye-catcher.

Protect your equipment and reduce clutter with a covered storage unit. Lift the lid up so you can access the trash cans.

On the garbage day or anytime you want a bike ride, swing the front panels up.

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Shelf storage with an outdoor design

Shelf storage with an outdoor design #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

When you live in a humid climate, moisture can build up on your objects and cause corrosion and mildew.

This cute little shed eliminates this problem with an outdoor design.

Even the floor is laminated, which ensures that everything stays clean and dry at all times.

Simple half-size storage shed for your yard

Simple, half-sized storage shed for your yard #shower #garden #decorationhouse ideas

Do you have a narrow piece of space for a shed?

A half size model could be the perfect fit.

This shed has a sloping roof and a flat side so it can sit close to the side of your house. We love the high height that creates plenty of storage space.

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Small white shed with a red door

Small white shed with a red door # shed # garden # decoration house ideas

This cute little shed lights up any dark corner of your garden.

It’s about the color combination – the bright white looks fresh and the cheerful red door adds a bold finish.

It is so cute that it even makes a dirty garden look nice.

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Storage cabinet for all your gardening

Storage cabinet for all your gardening # shed # garden # decoration house ideas

When you get into gardening, you may be surprised at the number of supplies you get.

This small storage cabinet has several shelves and a high compartment so you can keep everything organized.

There is even a handy folding table on the inside of the door.

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Storage to keep your waste undercover

Storage to keep your waste undercover #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

Garbage cans are never attractive – this is where this can storage container comes in.

Just slide your trash cans in through the front doors and use the lift lids when you need to dispose of a garbage bag.

The sturdy sides keep creatures away and prevent cans from blowing into the wind.

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Unique 10 × 10 projects for small storage spaces

Unique 10 × 10 small storage shed projects #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

At 10 feet square, this DIY shed offers space for bikes, gardening or anything that doesn’t fit into your house.

The plans are easy so you can finish the project in a weekend.

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Unique wood storage ideas for winter

Unique winter storage ideas for winter #shed #garden #decorhomeideas

Keep your wood burning stove burning all winter long with a unique wood storage shed.

A raised floor and a sloping roof keep the wood dry, and the open sides help you remove pieces quickly.

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Best ideas for storage storage.  While sheds are usually used to keep your gardening tools and landscaping neatly tucked away, there are a whole lot of other purposes that these outdoor spaces can serve.  #decorhomeideas