25 simple DIY water feature ideas for absolute garden peace

DIY Water Feature Ideas

Hot days are coming … How nice would it be to have a water feature in the backyard that will naturally invite freshness and serenity?

Garden fountains are a favorite decorative feature for many reasons, but we should not forget how practical they are too, as they are able to naturally dampen the surrounding air.

Unfortunately, the finished solutions in the shops and landscape designers could be quite expensive. The good news is that there are ways to make yourself a water feature that fits your exterior design and please the whole family with the murmur of the flowing water.

Do not forget that PIN this image gives quick access to all these ideas!

As long as you have an idea and some basic construction skills, you can easily create a commendable landscape decoration for your garden.

We help you with the first part! We have put together the best DIY water feature ideas that provide instructions on how to build the chosen fountain yourself.

Babbling and Bubbling Brook in Tiered Potter

Babbling and bubbling creek in tiered pots #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

The supplies for this pyramid fountain are already in your garden! Old clay pots of different sizes are stacked, the hose for the water pump is inserted through each central hole.

Decorate the last 2-3 pots with beautiful stones that also help direct the water flow.

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Basic but beautiful Terra Cotta Pot Fountain

Basic but beautiful Terra Cotta Pot Fountain #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

For a classic and simpler look, you can make yourself a large pot of fountain. With the help of a pump and a fountain, 4 bricks, sealant and cement, you can get your water function in just 1 hour!

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Beautiful bamboo trickling waterfall basin

Beautiful bamboo trickling waterfall basin # diy # waterfeature # backyard # garden # decoration house ideas

Bamboo is considered a sacred tree that has hardening effects. In addition, it makes any decoration part of more enigmatic and sophisticated. You can easily include it in your water feature presentation by following the instructions below.

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Large and beautiful planting pot fountain

Large and beautiful planting jug fountain # diy # waterfeature # backyard # garden # decoration house ideas

If you find or already have oldstone pots, now is the time to make yourself a royal water feature. Stack them in a differentiated arrangement. Put the hose on a fountain pump, decorate the inside with river stones and pebbles, and enjoy.

Cascading Copper Wall Waterfall

Cascading Copper Wall Waterfall #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

You can cycle an old copper sheet to build yourself this attractive fountain. The water falls from a perforated pipe at the top of the wall and goes down into a wooden or copper container at the bottom.

Fun and fancy free wheelbarrow waterfall

Fun and beautiful free wheelbarrow waterfall #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

Using an old wheelbarrow and gravel, this water feature provides an interesting flow effect, as if the water is spelling on the ground.

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Incredibly stacked stone statue water feature

Incredibly Stacked Stone Statue Water Feature #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

Bring zen to your garden with this beautiful natural stone water stone. The stacked effect is performed by inserting flat stones on a metal dowel. For this purpose, drill holes in the rocks.

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Loop de Loo waterfall chain

Loop de Loo Waterfall Chain #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

Inspired by the Asian garden environment, you can easily make yourself a chain waterfall that will enjoy all your senses.

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Mini Oasis with Waterfall Water Feature

Mini-oasis with waterfall function #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

Make yourself an oasis with hand-carved stones and climbing plants around it. The basis of the fountain is a pond, so you can also consider growing aquatic plants in it.

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My ceramic pot overflows the water function

My ceramic pot overflows water feature #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

This homemade fountain provides a more dramatic effect when the water gently spills out of it to make the soothing murmuring sound greater. You should get a large pot to your liking, a 5-gallon bucket, a submersible pump and some fixtures.

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Embedded ceramic pots with fountain function

Embedded ceramic pots with fountain function # diy # water function # backyard # garden # decoration house ideas

The paint finish of these pots provides a fantastic wastewater effect, making them the perfect base for a water source in the garden.

You can achieve it yourself using paint drip technique. The embedded arrangement is performed using stones for the lower pan and a plastic saucer that fits the smaller pan.

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Crowded ceramic pot fountain

Crowded ceramic pot fountain # diy # waterfeature # backyard # garden # decoration house ideas

To make this beautiful focal point for your garden you need a large glazed ceramic pot. The water that pours into the pot goes into a gravel reservoir that contains the recycling water.

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Peaceful and elegant ceramic urn water function

Peaceful and elegant ceramic urn water function #diy #water function # backyard # garden # decoration house ideas

Any beautiful container can be turned into a piece of water as long as you have a fountain set. This glazed urn is perfect for a corner from the garden.

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Pretty Little Pail Fountain

Pretty Little Pail Fountain #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

For those of you who prefer the non-standard and upcycling trends, you can quickly turn yourself into a fountain in a bucket. Fill the bucket with gravel, sea glass, seashells and enjoy the sounds of the rustic water feature.

River Rock Mini Fountain

River Rock Mini Fountain #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

This fountain has been called “the vanishing fountain” and is great for those of you who prefer greater influences. The water basin dug into the ground is large and produces a remarkable sound as if a geyser were shooting out of the ground.

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Rustic window pane with falling water

Rustic Window Window Falling Water Feature #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

Wall fountains are very chicken and most of the time far from affordable if a store product. Fortunately, you can make one yourself using a wooden frame and panels in tempered glass.

In addition to the sound, freshness and beauty that this water wall provides, it can also act as a privacy screen on the patio.

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Simple pot bubble fountain

Simple pot bubble fountain # diy # water feature # backyard # garden # decoration house ideas

There are water features that produce more bubbling sounds due to slower water flow and more spraying due to the higher water pressure. This potted fountain belongs to the first group and will invite birds to bathe.

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Tippy teapot and wooden barrel-fountain

Tippy teapot and wooden barrel fountain # diy # waterfeature # backyard # garden # decoration house ideas

This water feature can be an inspiration for all of you who have a more artistic view of garden decoration. Made from an old teapot, a whiskey barrel and a gold pan, this water feature lasts for many years and will cheer up the garden.

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Treasury of Rocks and Bobbles Stacked Pail Fountain

Treasury of Rocks and Bobbles Stacked Pail Fountain #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

Agricultural containers and glazing decorative features are gathered in a beautiful garden fountain. Fill the tub and bucket with river stones so that the water gently washes them and contributes to a shiny finish similar to the glass ball.

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Underground water system fountain

Underground Water System Fountain #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

This buried fountain will make a great point of contact in your garden as it looks like a natural phenomenon that has always been there. It takes some time, but it is not hard to get made.

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Vineyard Inspired Barrel Fountain

Vineyard Inspired Barrel Fountain #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

All wine lovers will appreciate this handmade fountain. Consisting of a wine barrel and a bottle of wine, it will make a great personal statement in the backyard.

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Water tumbling down the wall Fun Feature

Water tumbling down the wall Fun feature #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

Using gutters, a tub, a bucket and a bucket and a watering can, you can make yourself a wall fountain that will instantly encourage you. Adjust each part at the right angle to allow the water to flow easily.

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Whimsical liquid watering can water feature

Whimsical Floating Water Jug Water Feature #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

Using fixtures and some old metal watering pots and a container, you can quickly make a water pot fountain with the same flow effect. The first pot drains right into the second pot due to the proper alignment and slope.

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Cascading Fairy Garden Fountain

Fairy Garden Water Feature #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

Your imagination and creativity will help you copy this fairy fountain. Use sheet metal or pots for the top three levels and a clay pot as a fountain reservoir.

Each of the plates can initially be covered with epoxy resin for this beautiful emerald effect. Decorate the rim with stones. To obtain the cascade current, place each plate on a metal plate at different heights.

Cascading Rock Water Feature

Rock Water Feature #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

This is usually a store-bought item, but you can try to make it yourself. Use 5 pots of gradually increasing size to stack and build the fountain.

Install the fountain pump set. To achieve the stone surface you can glue on faux stone. Be sure to build up the edge of all smaller pots, and leave an opening flush with the pot to let the water flow down.

Frog Fountain

Solar Powered Fountain #diy #waterfeature #backyard #garden #decorhomeideas

A statue of appropriate size can be easily transformed into a water source for a handmade fountain. Drill a hole to insert the fountain pipe and place the frog on a beautiful ceramic container or flower pot.