25 beautiful flowers that grow well under trees

Trees are an easy way to anchor a garden; they act as a natural hub for a flower bed.

When designing the room, look for flowers that grow well under trees.

By choosing the right varieties, you can ensure that the plants and trees thrive.

Basics of growing flowers under trees

  • Trim the lower branches away – Pruning some of the lower branches gives you more space and sunlight.
  • Do not build a raised bed – while flower beds around trees are very beautiful, you can easily damage the tree and reduce oxygen to the surface roots, so be careful if you build a raised garden bed.
  • Plant in holes Carefully dug holes prevent damage to the tree’s low root system.
  • Do not plant large plants large and scattered plants can easily take over a garden under the tree.
  • Water the flowers after planting for the first few weeks after planting, water daily on days when it is not raining.
  • Plant the right plants some flowers and plants do better than others when planted under a tree. Also, be sure to plant flowers that grow in yours planting zone.

Alpine Currant

Do you live in a northern region with a cold climate?

The alpine black currant is a good choice; it can grow in areas up to USDA Zone 3.

Place the plants in full shade or close to the outer edge of your garden under the tree – all they need is moist soil and occasional pruning.

This is one of the plants I add to my list of low maintenance flowers because it is so versatile and hardy. Great for any environment.


Anemone #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

With its beautiful, colorful flowers, the anemone adds life and joy to your garden.

Most varieties do well in zones 4 to 8. You will get good luck if you leave approx. 3-4 inches of space between the plants.

Plant anemones in soil with plenty of drainage.

The photo above contains Snowdrop Anemone, but you can also find other varieties. That Pink Anemone Clematis and Japanese anemone both create beautiful flowers.

Azalea flower

Azalea Flower #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Bright, colorful azaleas love warmer climates and grow best in zones 6-9.

They require frequent watering and acidic soil. If you can, place your azaleas where the tree blocks the wind and allows dappled sunlight.

Azaleas also thrive with sunlight in the morning and evening shade.

Some of the best varieties that bloom beautifully:

Begonia flowers

Begonias Flowers #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

If you live in USDA zone 7-11, begonias are a great flower to plant under trees.

They love shade and reward careful care with a variety of colorful petals. Plan to water them often between rains so the soil stays moist.

My favorites include:


Bergenia #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

With their small, adorable flowers and beautiful cluster-style growth, the height of bergenia adds to your garden.

Most of the bergenia plants do best in zone 5-8, but harder versions can thrive as far north as zone 4.

The leaves have ample ground cover, so allow plenty of space under the tree.

That Pink Dragonfly Bergenia is my favorite all the time.

Camellia Flower

Camellia-Flower #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

One of the most beautiful flowers under the trees is Camellia. They are an amazing flowering plant that has large, perfectly layered flowers.

If possible, orient the plants so that they get sunlight in the morning and dappled sun in the afternoon; You may need to place them a few feet away from the tree trunk.

The most beautiful flowers grow when you plant camellias in zones 6-9.

Coleus flowering plant

Coleus-Plant-Garden #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Coleus is remarkably vibrant with lovely colors that last most of the year.

However, these amazing plants only thrive in zone 11, so they are ideal for a limited number of locations.

Plan to remove the flower heads before they start to appear – it helps the leaves to become lush and lovely.


Columbine #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

With its slender steps and small, colorful flowers, columbine looks delicate.

It is remarkably hardy and low maintenance; you can let the short-lived flowers fall naturally for easy propagation under a tree.

These small flowers grow well in zones 3-8.

That Small lanterns Columbine is rich in color and would be a great addition to any flowering garden.

Foam flower

Foam flower #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

The foam flower has a tall stem and cone-shaped clusters of delicate flowers that are hardy in zones 4-9.

In most cases, you do not have to worry about pruning; if they start to look withered or faded, just trim them back.

The plants refresh themselves with time and lots of shade.

Front edge foam flower grows really well around trees. It is a little taller than others and the flowers are beautiful.

Chickens and chickens juicy

Chickens and Chickens Succulent #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Succulents are some of the best flowers to plant under trees – they thrive in partially shady conditions and you can plant them as far north as zone 3 or as far south as zone 8.

These adorable green plants require minimal water and are hardy enough to survive the winter.

Hostels in the garden

Hostas In Garden #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

If you have a large garden under a tree, hostas are a good option.

They have large, bright green leaves that grow easily in zones 3-9.

For the most beautiful color, choose a partially shady spot with slightly acidic soil and apply fertilizer once a year.

Here are a few types of hostas you can consider adding to your garden or around your trees.

Hydrangeas plant under wood

Hydrangea Plant Under Tree #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Bring lush flowers and beautiful color to a garden under a tree with hydrangeas.

These large, stunning flowers love slightly acidic soil and a mixture of sun and shade.

They are as hard as they are beautiful; you can grow them in zones 3-9 successfully.

That Penny Mac Hydrangea shown above is my personal favorite.

The flowers of empathy

Impatiens Flowers #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Impatience is a go-to when looking for flowers to plant under a tree.

Sweet and colorful, they grow easily in full shade in zones 10 and 11.

As long as you water them often, it is easy to maintain the moist soil they love.

Make sure the soil has adequate drainage to avoid mildew.

These are especially beautiful when used for these wasted potted flower ideas.


Lamium #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Enjoy lots of ground cover and pops of colorful flowers with the lamium plant. It is recommended for zone 4-8, although it looks best in zone 6-8.

For best results, choose a spot with partial or full shade and give each plant at least 12 inches of space.

Monthly fertilizer can help speed up growth.

I really like Lamium White Nancy, but you can also find the purple flowers with Ghost Lamium. Of course there are too Lamium Purple Dragon as a great choice for your flowering garden or backyard landscaping.

Lysimachia flowering plant

Lysimachia Flower Plant #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

If your tree offers partial shade, look at the lysimachia plant.

With a plant area extending from zone 3 to zone 10, it is a versatile and tough choice.

Consider laying the plants if they start to get tall; other than that, these beautiful flowers only require occasional watering and trimming.

Milkweed Flower Plant

Milkweed Flower Plant #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Small flowers grow in large balls on top of the milkweed plant and bring a fun touch of texture and color to your garden.

Plant milk seeds in zones 4-9 and they thrive all year round.

This plant requires abundant sunshine, so it is great for gardens under small or narrow trees.

Ordinary milk flower is the most popular of its kind.

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Showy, unusual flowers distinguish the mountain laurel – it fills your garden with life in late spring and summer and adds thick, green foliage the rest of the year.

Shady or partially shady spots promote growth, especially if the soil is moist and acidic.

Mountain laurel is best planted in zones 5-9.

There is nothing more beautiful than Olympic Fire Mountain Laurel in full bloom.


Ninebark #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Ninebark is one of the hardest, hardiest flowers to plant under a tree. It is ideal for cold climates and lasts the longest in zones 2-7.

The small flowers and richly colored leaves take care of themselves so you can plant them and apply fertilizer once a year.

Full sun encourages the fastest growth, but you can also choose a place with partial shade.

This Amber Jubilee Ninebark is amazing and a favorite to add added colors around your property.

Oregon Grape Holly

Oregon Grape Holly #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

That Oregon grape holly is a uniquely beautiful plant that has bright yellow flowers and amazing blue berries.

It requires weekly watering in zones 5-9 and does best in areas with plenty of sunshine.

Use at least two separate plants for the most beautiful berries.

Pansies and violets

Pansies and violets #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

You can not resist a smile when you see the base of your tree covered with a blanket of purple pansies and violets.

These beautiful flowers tolerate shade but prefer sun; consider planting them under a deciduous tree to enjoy early spring and late fall.

Pansies and violets withstand temperatures in zones 4-8 well.

Pieris Japonica

Pieris Japonica #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Add a vibrant rug of color to your outdoor area with Pieris Japonica.

This tall, full plant offers the best color in full sun or partial shade in zones 5-9.

You can stop it under a tree, but the flowers will be brighter. Make sure the soil has ample drainage

Pink Evening Primrose Flowers Garden

Pink Evening Primrose Flowers Garden #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Do deer live near your house? Plant pink evening primrose flowers; deer do not usually eat them, so the sweet pink flowers remain fresh.

Choose a part of your garden with plenty of sunlight, and water the plants occasionally.

Pink evening flowering is hard in zone 5-9.

Green plant

Sedum Plant #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

Sedum looks like a traditional flowering plant, but it is actually a succulent one.

The hardy stems and roots work well in zones 3-10, and the flowers look best when given plenty of sunlight.

Look for areas with well-drained soil.

My favorites include:


Snowberry #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

If you live in zone 3-7, look at the sweet snowberry plant,

With its white and light yellow berries and dark green leaves, it pairs beautifully with colorful flowers.

Plan to prune the plants regularly and fertilize them every two years.

White Snowberry is the most common, but you can too Magic Berry Snowberry instead. Both are good choices for planting.

Tree Peony

Tree Peony #flowers #undertree #decorhomeideas

With their colorful flowers and delicate petals, tree peonies bring joy and life to your garden.

They are versatile and grow easily in different shade and sunlight conditions in zones 3-9.

Plant them during the cooler days of spring or fall, and trim them once each spring.


Best flowers that grow well under trees.  Spray your garden or backyard with one or all of these flowers to grow under trees!  They bloom in shade and create beauty in your garden!  #decorhomeideas