10 ideas for landscaping in the front yard – for impact and attractiveness of the curb

Landscaping the front yard is so important – it’s not only a great way to add some appeal to your property, but it can also set the tone for your home – long before the guests enter.

There are many ways to make an impact with front yard landscaping – from using bold materials to creating a smart structure with paths or plantings. Below we’ve listed our favorite transformative ideas for putting your front yard in the spotlight.

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1. Create an inviting front yard landscape with lush vegetation

Anyone looking for a lush garden with a touch of whimsy will fall in love with this garden, courtesy of Emily Henderson. Here the designer has met Pete Hieatt from. teamed up Deluxe plants to create an American take on the traditional English landscape.

The duo combined the mélange of leafy green with a stone walkway, a water fountain and a tomato-red front door, all of which are intended to lead the view to the front door and to invite.

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2. Create a neat front yard landscape with box hedges

Ideas for garden design in the front yard

If you are looking for really elegant and easy-care design ideas for the front yard, give your home an unforgettable and majestic first impression with a structured planting.

Landscape architect Fernando Wong Pulled out all the stops, from well-tended box hedges to pristine flower beds. Sticking to leafy greens – and adding some white buds to it – makes this front yard elegant without being overly shy.

3. Frame the front door in large patterns that emphasize the vertical

Ideas for garden design in the front yard

Californian designer Kendall Wilkinson has made optimal use of the sloping front garden of this property in Monte Sereno with raised beds.

“We wanted to highlight the large entrance with different types of planting to catch your eye and lead you into this amazing house with a water feature and a mix of cement and stone in shades of gray,” she explains.

“It’s always important to work with a landscape designer whose work compliments the architecture and interior design, uses regional plants, and mixes different heights and textures.”

4. Design a driveway that blurs

Ideas for garden design in the front yard

For an unexpected interpretation of typical landscaping ideas for the front yard, you should think a little strategically about your lawns.

“The classic detail of a strip of grass along the driveway leads the view through the Porte Cochere and arouses anticipation and stimulates movement in the entire outside space,” explains Carson McElheney, a landscape and design architect based in Atlanta. “Aesthetically, this increases visual interest and functionally maximizes the small space.”

5. Choose materials for gardening in the front yard that reflect the exterior of your home

Ideas for garden design in the front yard

For a front yard that puts Mother Nature in the spotlight, take advantage of the natural features of your space. Here, architecture and design office Ike Kligerman Barkley tall grass and leafy vegetables were planted around the large rocks of the courtyard. Paired with a wide, stone walkway, this front yard strikes a balance between organic and man-made – and, more importantly, reflects the materials used in the exterior of the home for a cohesive look.

6. Choose a low-maintenance front yard landscaping with an impact

Ideas for garden design in the front yard

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lush front yard landscape to make a statement. Californian designer Mindy Gayer takes a less-is-more approach by covering most of that area with gravel – and peppering a few green plants when inspiration strikes. The final product looks and feels like a desert with a cool, modern twist.

7. Choose informal front yard landscaping

Ideas for garden design in the front yard

If you like a front yard that is both dramatic and whimsical, this cottage garden is from Grace Design Associates offers the best of both worlds. The wild flowers and the stone walkway are reminiscent of a charming, modern fairy tale. However, the rooftop greens add a touch of drama and make this front yard look great from all angles.

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8. Go for asymmetry

Ideas for garden design in the front yard

As comforting as a symmetrical space is, design tactics can often move into ubiquitous territory. If you want to add visual intrigue to your front yard landscaping, William Hefner created an effective space. Inspired by the Ryōan-ji rock garden of Kyoto, Hefner uses paving stones and patterned stones to offset the leafy green that lines the facade.

9. Draw your eyes to the container-planted porch

Ideas for garden design in the front yard

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic front yard landscaping strategy. Designer Alexandra Kähler compensate for the simple porch and stately pillars with box trees on the low hedges, pear trees and white impatiens. The result? Front yard landscaping that can overcome time and trends.

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10. Pay attention to details

Ideas for garden design in the front yard

As this front yard of an Australian renovation company was called Kyal & Kara proves the devil is in the details. From larger pavers to gravel accents, it initially looks like this space is only geared towards hardscaping. However, there are small succulents hidden in the gravel slabs, which give this garden an unexpected and oh-so-enchanting touch.

What does the garden design in the front yard cost?

Landscaping in the front yard costs about $ 15,000 on average – but what you really spend depends on its size; the complexity – or simplicity – of the design; the materials used – for example, off-the-shelf stones, which are much cheaper than custom-made products; and of course the amount of planting you are planning.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend spending about 10% of the value of your home on landscaping both the front yard and the back for a good return on investment – how you split that budget is up to you, but cut down on the appeal if it does easily and on a budget, it is important when you are reselling.